...More changes here 🙂

Well, I haven't been here in awhile, lotta new So anybody take up any huge (good 🙂 plugs or any get finished (I'm thinking mostly about EVES).

Thats all I can think of right now...hey its EV, how much can change 😉

Sombody will probably tell me about a new version since I said that..... 🙂



Ug I want text faces, not crappy pictures ones;)


I'm coming out with an EVO plug soon, and then I'm working on an EV plug that I'm going to start work on soon.


Reasons why the UE and Voinians hate each other...
€Voinians prefer SPAM, while the UE likes SPAM light....
€The heads of both governments were trying to figure out which wife was
€Tomato, Tom'aaa'to, is there a difference? Aparantly so...
€Two Voinians accused the UE of using IBM computers...
€A UE Cruiser accidentally blew up a Voinian planet...
€Two words: name calling

New Republic just went into it's final beta testing phase. No promises yet but I hope to see it in your hot, sweaty little hands in the next two months. Cross your fingers and get ready for a damned good plugin.


😃 - G@rett - just hit the little "Disable Smiles In This Post" box to kill the UBB junk.

Accually, long ago I was supposed to beta test NR, but I couldn't make it work on my computer, hopefully when its finished I will be able to use it.