Empire: 2 bug?

Well, I sent a e-mail to the maker, so here's my message.

Well, I'm playing the Eve of Destructin mission and I can't find the ships. I see 5 disabled ships on the radar, but when I go to where they spposity are, I can't find anybody, not even anything to target. Can I have help?

***Max B-H

That sums it up! It's weird!!
Anybody done that misson?

🙂 Max B-H
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This is probably the only bug in Emp.2. I just finished playing it and this was the only mission bugged I think. Though when I was playing it I havent got anything on the radar, the Emp. fleet just doesn't jump into the system. Dich this missio, it's not that important. There ar plenty interesting stuff besides it in that plug.


get the 1.1 update. that fixes lots of bugs including that mission!