Alien ships in my new plug have transparent cracks! Why?

The original alien cruisers/fighters are spins/masks are used in my new plug. However, at 11 and 4 o'clock rotation strange transparent cracks appear in the ships, as if a cloaking device was partially engaged. The spins and masks are not the problem, and all the strs are at the prescribed lengths. Any ideas?


Well it sounds like the mask has a black bit on the tranparent area, but if you're using the originals then it can't be cause I use the originals and don't see them. Although you may have accidently done something to them. Not likely, but check anyway.

Other than that, I don't think many people here know the problem.

Sorry to speak for every one, but there aren't any other replies.

Three years and my pizza still isn't here.

Maybe I should call.

Thanks, Maridian. You did not solve my problem, but you gave me an idea. The masks I was using were the originals, but I had originally dumped them into my art program to examine them when I was creating my new ships. When I reloaded them into my plug (I had changed the coloration a bit to distinguish between factions within the alien race) I selected and copied them as per usual. However, the alien ships all "touch the edges" of their respective masks at 350, 360, 10, 100 degrees rotation. When selecting, the selection actually went inside the ship masks and back out again. To me and everyone else, the white areas are white, and the black areas are black. But to EV there is a difference between white and NOTHING, although I could not see it. I went back and selected them again, making sure I copied ALL white space. Thank you for answering, Maridian. My MUGABI plugs will be sent to EV shortly.