hello ,
personly i really like mac's better than PC brobly because i was brought up with Macs righ now i have an IMAC and i was just wondering what peoples oppinions are about them (please excuse my speeling if there are errors made) I like MAC's alot better but most of the wedsites are for PC's but ive got a mac website with editers fair EV plug-in's (meaning everything is fair not cheep) and its got hints and guides for begginers and other stuff and they are full mac anyway im just wondering so please reply to this. do not reply if you don't want to this is not the apropre it place for it anyway but you can and ill give you the address for the mac stuff if you ask

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Adam Sinclair


ad85_2000 wrote:
**hello ,
(please excuse my speeling if there are errors made)

Sorry, mate. I can excuse your speeling, as you call it, but not the lack of punctuation. Have you ever heard of a thing called a 'FULL STOP'? They make things a lot easier to understand.

BTW, I might have given a serious reply to this, but I don't understand it due to lack of punctuation. 🙂

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