Whats with plugs??

I just wanted to know why i can't get to add-on files at the ev site?
i know it will be working soon but im bored and wanted to get some plugs

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Yes i agree because i also can not get any plugs off the web site but as you said i hope they fix it soom

Adam Sinclair

Why hello, newbies. If you haven't heard, there are simple concepts known as grammar, spelling, and punctuation. I hope you try using them soon.

Sorry, but the archives here are the only place to get plugins. You could go bother people to mail you plugins - complaining at random won't help.

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Yeah, wait, champion.

Also, there is another matter you should have included.

Before the EV site was moved and temporarily destroyed :), why was it that some plug-ins i downloaded in .SIT format wouldn't be read by stuffit lite? If anybody has had that problem or knows why, tell me.

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