Galactic Scourgwe

I'm doing the Locate Alien mission, but I can't find the alien. Where is int? Thanks!

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try the jumpgate north of ncg-1701.
the thing is the red aliens are everywhere. and, oddly, they don't have a homeworld out beyond any of the jumpgates!
speaking of GS, i got bored & installed a deathray in my rebel dreadnaught. yeah, i played with the weight of the thing. Nothing can survive the thing!! it'd be fun to have a fighter with just one of those on it! basically a gun and cockpit.

also, i don't think I got to finish the astrodyne outpost missions. are all 5 of 'em originating from palshife?

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If you are a Confed then you are looking for NGC-1023. Rebels will find the Red Alien Fighter in NGC-1357. You can find all this kind of information with ResEdit or Schmelta-V with the aid of the Galactic Scourge Cheater's Page (url="http://"")http://www.geocities...e/cheaters.html(/url)

Fortunately for all of us, Robin, the Red Alien's home worlds are beyond the broken Jumpgate 338. This may be explored in Galactic Scourge II (now under construction) which occurs after the destruction of most planets, e.g. (url="http://"")http://www.geocities...ourge/Earth.jpg(/url) A little more information about the Red Aliens is found in Mission 143 (The Empress' Decree) which occurs in Hydra space if you are liked and have done the required previous missions.

The Nicolet Turreted Deathray is a hell of a weapon. If you ever see the scoutship owned by Dave Lesberg, you should attack it. You can get a Deathfreighter escort from the DDT (Mission 327, Escort Warship) which is very useful. Did you capture your Rebel DN or did you cheat to get it, Robin?