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What do you name your ships? If you have more then one file list them all.

I have a Rebel Crusier named R.S.S. Red October and a Rapier named Cobalt 60

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I name my shuttle whatever EV/O suggests I do, I name scoutships Stormrider, and fighting ships Spirit of the Storm (and you'll never guess where I got that from). I don't go in for corny or foolish names.

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I like to name all of my ships the 'Blade Runner'. 🙂


I name my first ship the Tiamat, after that it's Tiamat II, Tiamat III, etc.

I often like to name my ships with specific themes...

Ie Orion Cruiser, Orion Trader, Orion Marauder, Orion Explorer, etc.

Sort of like the Neptune Shipping Company names their cargo ships (I'm talking earth now, not space.


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Starship names. Umm.
Most Of the Time I name my ships depending on thei kind.
The comercial class vessels I start the name with the common S.S. , and use names that are non threathening(pardon my errors please)
Now when it come to warships I name them without the SS thing and use names of historical leaders from europe. My best warship I have named El Cid. please, if you use this name, do so in a Powerful ship like the Kestrel or other such warship. Another favorite of mine is "Wotan's Eye"

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I just name my ships after things around me, on my desk. In fact i name absolutly everything that way. I probably have a kid called Epson 400. Wonder if its a girls or boys name? 🙂

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I name my ships Garfield's Fury, and if that ship dies, I call the next one Garfield's Revenge.

Either those names or Maridian, Maridian II etc.

Maridian's a cool name. 😉

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I am currently naming my ships Black Tiger. I got this from the arcade game from the late 80's.(Anyone out there know of this game?)


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I tend to name my ships after whatever strikes me at the moment. Such as, if i were playing and got really pissed off, my next ship would be something like the Lemon Juicer. Now sometimes you have to make you ship and person agree. Like if i were to name my guy Monkey Man, the ship would be Banana. Also tend if i start imagining some mutilated teddy bears and other such dolls, names just sort of present themselves.

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I always give my ships bizarre anmes that I either make up on the spot or that are from pop culture. Some names I have used are Psychic Slug, Milquetoast, and Atomic Booger (guess where I got the last one!).

Depends on the pilot character (they tend to have personal histories that justify otherwise irrational behavior, like buying shield caps or upgrading to big ships).

For loner Iggy Rohn, the ships emphasized speed and precision, and the names were Gamma Knife for the scoutship and Scalpel for the lightning. The fully outfitted lightning did fine for isolating and destroying individual ships in both the aliens and T.A.G. You're It (no forklifts or ResEdit mods were involved).

To play with the heavier ships, I duplicated Iggy's pilot file (after the Rebel alien missions), and Iggy's Evil Twin raised hell in Confed space in an outfitted Rebel Destroyer named Fury, and then upgraded to the Cruiser (christened Rage) to check out combat with fighters.

Nagon (The "a" should have a ring over it like in angstrom, and it is pronounced more like No-gun) is a regular social sort that took the scoutship to corvette to kestral route. The ship names were from Scandanavian mythology: Sleipner (Odin's horse) for the scoutship, Valkyrie for the corvette, and Mjollnir (Thor's hammer, good for killing frost giants and the like) for the kestral.

I'll have to see what makes sense for playing plugs.



Umm. Last one was nice. By the way. Wotan is another name for Odin, only that he is described as havin only one eye due to that he traded his other eye for wisdom and power.


I think it's "Odin" is the Old Norse eddas and sagas (and he was out an eye from trading) and therefore the current Icelandic. I believe that Wagner (a German) used "Wotan" in the Ring cycle (opera). Kind of like the hero who slays the dragon, who is Sigurd in the sagas and Sigfried in the Ring. I don't know if that's the whole story, or if there's more to it than regional differences.

I'm not sure about the vowels in some of the names. I want to check, but haven't gotten to any of my Old Norse books to see. At the English is Mjollnir and the Norwegian (I think) is Mjo/lnir, where the o/ is an o with a slash (that way) through it. I'd like to use the original vowels if I can figure them out, especially since the Mac is so good at it ('tho' I usually post from my work wintel box).

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