Do your duty! Sign up for the Rebellion! (READ!)

The Rebellion gov in uEV-RPG currently has lots of room for new players, so if you've ever wanted to join the Rebels the time has never been better!

Fly the fast and powerful Rebel Destroyer. Be in command of a mighty Rebel Cruiser. Or perhaps you would rather fly one of the fantastic new Rebel ships in development (yes, we have lots of new technology).

So join up today!

UE Crusader


Again? Sorry to say this, UEC, but this is the second time we see this advertisement of yours here. At least add some variety, because I have seen that game and there are more than just rebels.

Join the Confederation!
Become a pirate!
Amass a great fortune trading!
Assist the Letheans!
Aid the Cydonians!

Or what the hell I know. Just advertise more governments, please.

If I ever figure out how to play that thing, the I will join your little campaign.

In the end, the Confederation will win, for the moronic AI helps their superiorly shielded ships.

For your information Bozorng, I have touted this game before and have talked about all govs before.

I am focusing on the Rebellion, because I am the Rebellion GM! I mean, duh.......... 🙂

BTW, read the guide if you want to figure out how to play. I hear it works wonders. 🙂

Or, you could always e-mail me with any questions. 😄



chuckle I knew it was you soon as I saw the title- you're the only one I can think of who give speeches like this- keep up the good work


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The guide should work, having made it! Hmm, havn't been there in a while, wonder how much you've changed.



The link doesn't work - some error after waiting 5 minutes for the uEV-RPG site to load - both at home from AOL and IE 4?-5? at my local library.

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