Fusion Emulator

Netscape just crashed-my message is going to be shorter now as a result. I'm working on a PC at school, as opposed to my Quadra at home, so I get this a lot. :mad:

Anyway, if anyone out there has any experience with an emulator called FUSION, tell me what it's like for playing EV, and any other tidbits of information that may be helpful. I'll be trying tonight to see if it works, but any help would be appreciated.

And yes, I do know that this topic must have come up in the past about a zillion times. Oh well.

Oops. I just found D4pup's topic further down. Maybe I should have made this message a reply. Sorry to anyone who cares. 🙂

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All emulators result in a crappy, jerky, soundless game, sorry. :frown:

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I know the emulators are slow jumpy and basically all round really bad (i restrained from what i really think of them but i didn't want to use language), but i found the Executor has sound. Also, the command button doesn't work in the actual browser part of executor but it does work in EV. The main problem with executor is the constant crashing but that i can live with as long as i have EV.
Also a surprising fact is that you can get a rom image out of it but fusion doesn't like it much

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