[ANN] -- Newswire and Chronicles for ev.com are up!

Two key sections of the new EV/EVO web site are now up and running: the EV/EVO Newswire, and the EV/EVO Chronicles. I'll explain what each of them are intended for, and then give you the URL to give them a look over.


EV/EVO Newswire

The web boards have traditionally been a place where a number of "announcements" have been posted; the problem is, it isn't the best forum for these types of mostly non-discussional posts. It's also rather true that many people will not try to wade through the web board to look for EV/EVO related news.

That's where the EV/EVO Newswire comes in. People submit their news (let's say they've just released a plugin, or they need beta testers for a plugin, or they've just posted a new web resource for EV/EVO, to name a few examples) to the EV/EVO Newswire, and your trusty admins review it and release the news to the public, in a forum very similar to the Ambrosia Newswire that you may have seen already -- but this one is yours, dedicated to just EV/EVO.

Have a look, post your news, let's get the ball rolling! The site isn't officially public yet, but there's no reason you can't start using it now -- that way when it does go public, your news will be there already!



EV/EVO Chronicles

There have been several "storyboards" for EV/EVO over the years; this is another one, with a few twists. What we're looking for in this area is articles -- essays if you will -- on EV/EVO.

These articles can range from rants about the EV/EVO community (but please make them constructive, well thought-out rants), in-depths reviews of a plugin or two, stories that take place in the EV/EVO universe, commentaries, editorials, etc.

This is your soap box! The idea here is that the articles are longer, more researched, and can be fictional or opinion pieces that you can have published for the whole community to see! As in the new area, I'd like to see people begin using this forum now, even though it isn't public yet. We can work the kinks out of it, fill it with some content, and make it a really cool resource for EV/EVO players around the world.



I'm also looking for ideas for a new poll for the EV/EVO Newswire; I'm sure the moderators (Scurvy, HHunter, Jericon) can help me come up with something! 🙂

Of course, both of these areas use the UBB you all know and love (nudge, nudge) for the backend, so you'll be able to comment on news/articles, search through them, archive them, etc!

So c'mon people, there's a wealth of content out there, both already existing in various people's archives, and also in the minds of the many creative EV/EVO players. Let's see what y'all can muster!

Andrew Welch / el Presidente / Ambrosia Software, Inc.