UGE Missions

How the heck do you get the UGE missions? I 've been playing EV for the past 2 or 3 years now and never been offered one of the UGE missions and I've heard that they can be really profitable. Any advice would be much appriciated.

Just hang out in the spaceport bar when you're at a pirate place. Eventually, you'll be able to help a UGE employee. That gets you started. BTW, I'd recommend using a smaller ship when you start, because those pirate systems are usually pretty far from the destination, and all UGE missions are timed. Oh, an try to avoid any underhanded dealings, since you never know when they might be a trap, and it's pretty hard to get the missions back...

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These underhanded missions Knucklehead maentions are offered by some "friend" of your pilot´s: Benedict Strauss. In case you are discovered by UGE, there is a small chance you can get a UGE Redemption mission at Tabletop.

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