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I'm just curious about the music track that appears in the Bit-Blot trailer for Aquaria. I've looked in the game's data files, and it's nowhere to be found. I there any way I could obtain a copy (without the voiceover in the trailer)? I really liked that song, and I wouldn't mind buying it.

Anyone else feel the same?

Bit-Blot is working on a soundtrack (2 discs) which will include some new and improved and content :). In the meantime, you can play all the tracks in the game using the Jukebox mod (actually there's one that doesn't work because of a spelling error in the mod). If the particular track you're referring to is Lost to the Waves (heard at the end of the game) then it's located at

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It's not Lost to the Waves. In the original trailer for Aquaria (found on YouTube here) the background music starts out as a slightly tweaked version of Open Waters, but then segues into something entirely original right after "In time, I would discover far more than I had wished to learn." I've checked all through the game's data files, and this tune isn't among them.

I'm glad to hear that Alec+Derek are working on a soundtrack-- I'm very likely going to buy it, because the music is INCREDIBLE...

Yeah, that music was familiar but different all at the same time. Cool.

Ah, the Feb '07 trailer, the same one that plays on the Aquaria page here.
Okay, so the music up to 0:25 sounds similar to openwaters.ogg but is not the same.
From 0:25 to about 0:53 it sounds identical to openwaters.ogg.
From there on I can't identify it. At 1:35 it changes mood then at about 1:54 it sounds like everything at once.
Perhaps it was put together specially for the trailer?

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It probably was put together specially for the trailer. I hope it's on the soundtrack CD!

Is this what you're looking for? I'm pretty sure that's the song in the original trailer. Alec put a link to the MP3 on the post a while after the trailer was originally put up, but it seems to have been taken down since then. If that was intentional and Alec wants me to take this down as well, I will, no problem.

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Ah, thanks PiSketch. I take it you added the album art to the track?
Being designed for the trailer, it does sound a little odd by itself.

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Wow, thanks!

If you enjoy undersea inspired New Age music, I would recommend:
Aquaria by Diane Arkenstone and
Oceanic by Vangelis

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