Ship of Choice

Just post away. ANd this counts for both EV and EVO post one for each.

mine are the Confed Cruiser and the Miranu Gunship

Do plugs count?

Rebel Cruiser, Zidara.

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Rebel Crusier, and the litte green thing that goes really fast and regenerates its shields really fast that the strand that begins with "a" uses

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heh, ok - bet no one'll pick these 2
the courier & a miranu freighter with all mass expansions, shields, etc... 800 (haven't played evo in a while) tons cargo space = 600 or so for weapons... he he he. so what if it's slow & it takes 3 days to jump. get a thrust enhancement / speed booster, lots of armor & shield capacitors / boostes, and have fun.

btw, that little green thing is an azdara. and it's used by the azdagri.

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The Rebel Destroyer
It's fast, cheap and has quite some expansion space, as well as 4 turret slots.


Confed Cruiser and Igazra.

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oh, probably the Rebel Cruiser, as for EVO thats a toughie...

Right now its my plug-in's ship "Emalgha Carrier" which is nothing more than a Emalgha Freightor with more fuel, one more turret and an Emalgha bay (4 fighters). I also like my Emalgha Cruiser... now these aren't at ALL tough ships, a Cruiser would die in a straight fight with a V. Frigate... now with its 4 fighters... it has an EXCELLENT chance... especially if timed properly...

As for real EVO ships, Voinians Interceptor and UE Cruiser....

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You know the deal.

Crescent warship with my usual upgrades ( if you've read my other replies then you'l know them otherwise go seek)and probably the confed cruiser but no f____ng particle bean as they just waste fuel which can be necessary if you arse up you combat as will occasionally happen to most people.

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Anything that shoots..... usually any type of cruiser will do fine