New Plug-In Released!!!

I've released two, count'm, TWO new plug-ins today for general misuse by you, the EV Public. I don't currently have a functional website, so eMail me a and I'll send them back to you.
A list of the Plugs follows :

  1. Alien Technology : This is a fairly simple plug that makes Alien techonlogies available for purchase at Apollo or Darkstar. I don't think this is a cheater plug, since the items still cost a decent chunk of money... a quick 11MC for an Alien Fighter, and plenty for the Fusion Beams themselves.
  2. Beam Weapons : Well, we all know how cool beam weapons look. Ever played FB or EV:O? They're awesome! This plug makes three new weapons available at all Class-4 Outfitters, with varying costs and power among the three. Look for them at an outfitter near you!


Vapor boy,

Cool! , so how do we get them?