Armada Renovation!!

Armada has finally been redone! It now includes ships, weapons, planets, and stories. If you are wondering what Armada is, visit (url="http://"") Any opinions would be great.


Hey, I asked for the spider cruiser, the gladiator, and the rebel falcon twice from <Janus> but I never got a reply from my mail! Do you know why?


Hmmmmm, let us think about THAT one for a second. Maybe it is that Janus is a little Sh*t? That just might be the reason behind the entirety of your problem.
(sorry about the sarcasim, it happens after long sessions of physics.)
Oh, and hello everyone who is reading this. Yes, I am still here watching you. So be good little boys, girls, and 'others'(I'm looking at you EVula and HH during this one).

Entil'zha My Friends, For In The End, That Is All We Really Have.....


Your link posted above does not work.