Best ships

For those of you that didnt read the best weapons post. Hear about my ship that i created then tell me about yours and challenge. Heres mine:

Its called the Confed Maximata. It's about four times slower than a confed cruiser with twice the turning. IT carries the Energy Dispersal Field Generatior (see best weapons topic) in mass driver form. What it is is a ship that, if given time can reach the speed of light. It uses 32000 unlimited javilin launcers (that do no damage) as guidance for hyperdrive. If you hold forward and wait it will come to a speed of 32000 (hows that for get away). After exiting hyperdrive it speeds through the secotr to avoid attack but gets stuck past the limit area and therefor must use its fuel replicator to afterburner its way out. Just hold z and fire away with the javalines. after a time youll see one coming toward your ship. (not after that much time actually) . The more you see the closer you are. after about 30 seconds you are back on the road. It is ultra powerful. Not my best but one i like the statitics for.

' Ace Battlepilot

Just give me a Miranu Gunship, give me orders and watch me kill those F'in B_st_rds!!!

Hey, alright, a cheater ship... bleh.
I would like to point out that a ConFed Cruiser is already painfully slow, why would you want a ship that is 4 times SLOWER?
Also, this seems to be a ship that is based loosely in the realm of EV. However, it doesn't follow any of the constraints that EV has. So, what is it?
Also, your profile says that you're an actor. What have you been in, and for how long, my fellow thespian?