Ariston Ares Joystick

Hey all,

I just bought an Ariston Tech. Ares joystick. However, I can't get it to work with EV! In most of my other games, I just select an icon for whatever input device I want to use from a column along the left hand side of wherever in the program you must enter your controls. There's no such thing for EV! I even tried entering it manually, IE clicking the "Rotate Ship Left" field and pushing my joystick to the left. Uh uh. HELP!

Thank you!

Ahhhhhh!!! Not another Cruiser! I'm ruined!

uh oh... not a joystick with ev...


if you have definable buttons, and the joystick can be used to activate a keyboard command, use them. EV doesn't have inputsprockets for joysticks, (AFAIK) so. Try going to your control panels, and find the panel for your joystick. If it's not there, then consult your manual.

this is why I LOVE gravis stuff. I have a game pad and a mousestick II...

all the stuff is simple to program and use. and their drivers are very good.



Actaully there is some sort of plugin out there that allows joystick support, can't seem to remember the name. Better check the EV or Ambrosia archives.