NH Ship Question

I'd like to get a few opinions as to which is the "best" ship in NH.

Also, if a ship is chosen like an Enigma (example), how do you go about getting it (outside of capturing)


Geez, somebody give me an answer already. Please?

Enigma? You just go and buy it.
Somewhere in the south I think.
Personally I don't really like NH. It was so well advertized, but when relised it didn't seemed to me as something so cool. It was a nice plug, that's all I guess.

Well, get a Rebel Destroyer with 3 energy lances (so you can blast away at the enimy ships without being hit once) one atomic blaster turrent and 2 particle beams (gives it LOTS of kick) Get the particle beams from the CDCW. With the other updates, and the fuel upgrades and some sheild upgrades and the false matter armor, it's AWESOME!!!! DO you want me to get the specs on mine?

🙂 Max B-H