EV keeps freezing on startup (please help)

EV heeps freezing 90% of the times I try to start it up with Pale v1.8 or EVGE 2. It usually freezes at the end of the loading screen or right when I get to the main menu. Sometimes it freezes in the middle of the game while I'm flying my ship. If I land on a planet and click on the outfit button too soon the program will usually freeze, too. I've already tried turning on virtual memory and allocating all 24 megs of ram to EV, but that didn't work. What can I do to fix it?


If increasing memory didn't work, try deleting the prefs file.

Hope this helps.


I've heard problems with spins being just minorly corrupted causing EV and EVO to crash randomly at the beginning..maybe thats a part of it


Yes any problems with spins, will cause crashes a lot, but I'm surprised it starts up some of the time.

My advice is to d/l plug checker and run it on the plug, and if you know anything about how to fix it, do that.


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Also, make sure you only give it up to the "Largest Unused Block" listed under the "About this Macintosh..." Dialog box form the finder. If you allocate more than this amount to EV, even if you have more total memory than you allocate to EV, you are effectively forcing it to use the Minimum memory setting. I usually set it to about 500k less than the largest unused block, to give the program an extra cushion against memory hogging extensions.

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Actually, I reccomend setting the memory to 20000 k, which is 20 megs. That's pretty much enough to run any plug.

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I tried deleting the prefs file in Cythera when it froze, and it worked. However, that was Cythera and this is EV. Just try it anyways.


I have that same problem with some plug-ins all you need to do is turn off extentions (when you start up your computer hold down the shift button until it says 'Welcome to macintosh
exstentions off')
Try it.

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Trying to run EV with extensions off is a bad idea; EV relies on the Sound Manager, graphics acceleration if you have any, etc. It will run with extensions off, but not as well. If turning extensions off fixes the crashing problem, you either have an extension conflict or your OS needs to be reinstalled, or the extensions were using up too much RAM. EV's memory allocation should be set to at least twice what it normally is if you are running with plugins.

If while EV is loading, it gives a message about encountering a problem, possibly due to insufficient memory, and you've given it plenty of memory, plugins or the EV data files may be corrupted.

Because it's there,

I have a litte poem about this kind of problem

"If the plug in makes EV crash,it goes in the trash"