I think some plugin fanatic should somehow think of a way..I don't care how to make a Matrix plugin cause that movie is leet...And I think it would make a leet plugin..So someone make one please..Cause the rest of the plugs that are good I have played and the rest suck..So I don't play EV anymore


that would be cool. how it would be done. no idea.

wait till i finish the Legacy. then there will be another good one 😄

btw i need graphics artists - for EVERYTHING. movies/ships/planets/landing pics theres 300+ systems, and that means about 450 - 600 planets. i would like each to have individual pics. for landing but that would take forever, so i'm thinking 2 per pic. so that will still take forever, just less of forever. :eek:

so if anyone wants to help....

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Captain, how many plugs have you made before, whats your biggest.
I hope you know how hard it is to do what you are suggesting...