Grrr FB bug

Ok. I spend absolutely ages working through the Confedrate mission string on final battle and eventually buy a Dominator. No problem there. But when I get to the Mission Capital Crimes where you must destroy all rebel ships and Dominate the planet everything goes pear shaped (evil phrase). After I've done all that and land I go to the bar, get the mission complete for the equivalent in the Rebel mission string and then nothing happens. grrrrrrr. Please help!!

Near impossible to fly.
Near impossible to kill.

No matter what anyone says, FB is still bugged. It's actually impossible to kill the alien homeworld, I've tried everything. It's designed tpo be invincible.


Well, it still bugged. REALLY BUGGED.
But on the other hand, now you can reach the finall mission┬ľkilling the Alien Homeworld (It was impossible to do with v.3(may be for me only?)). Alien Homeworld is realy invincible and it's kind of frustrating, so I just little edited it with EV-Edit.


First of all, make sure to get the 4.1 version from (url="http://"") . Second, make sure EV has enough memory. FB is a massive plug, up the memory to at least 24 MB.

What exactly do you mean by "pear shaped"? Is it reproducible?

By the way, the alien homeworld mission is all but impossible, by design. In retrospect, it may not have been the best idea, but what's done is done.

Because it's there,