Request for Ambrosia


You all will remember me. I'm the guy who is to lazy to buy a mac but loves EV. Anyhoo, is it possible, Ambroisa, for you to be able to make the plugins on your plugin section for so people on PC's can download them? I have a MAC Emulator but I cant get plugins for the emulator cause my PC cant read that file type. Are you able to rename them into .bin format as well as what they already are? I'd really(and i am sure other emualator users would) appreciate that. Could you at least give me a URL for someone who can or has? Thanks. I'd appreciate it.


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heh, i have virtual PC w/ executer for some odd reason.... that's fun - a mac emulating a pc emulating a mac.

anyway, you must tell winblows to "save as." i think aladdin expander might decode binary or binhex, i can't remember.

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