An intriguing idea

I had a very interesting idea for an email/web based strategy game vaguely based on EV. This would be a completely different approach than EV or the online RPG's. Rather than being a mere mercenary working for a government, you would command your own little empire and fight for dominance against other little empires in a shattered post-Confederation galaxy. It would be infintely expandable, with hundreds of approaches and no "goal" per se. Imagine commanding your fleets to crush rival planets, researching new technologies to get the upper hand, holding your breath and hoping your spy didn't get caught, colonizing virgin worlds, or exploring the unknown reaches beyond the Serpens Nebula. And since it would be a web based game, like the uEV-RPG (for example) hundreds could play, instead of only 4 or 8 like most strategy games. Naturally, it would also be turn based, allowing long campaigns and diplomacy, unlike Ares.

Now to find someone to help me with this grandiose concept. . .


"The early bird may get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese."

That is a really good idea, I think it would be very interesting...
But I have something i'd like to add. How about the game would be available for MAC and PC...