The Rebellion wants you!

The Rebellion government in the uEV-RPG is looking for some good players to sign on board and be active. And yes, everything works from scanning to commodies to battles to gambling, so don't be shy, come on board and and help the Rebellion government!

Just go to (url="http://"") and sign up as a Rebel, and you'll be put up on the player list in short order.

Join the Rebellion today!

UE Crusader, Rebel GM

I like the rebels in EV and I like RPG's, but I find these RPG's very complicated, so I will try, but maybe I will go away in a few weeks... (and I hate English, do anybody knows where are french sites about EV/O?)
See you at uevrpg!

hail me or fall before my great axe!

hail me or fall before my great axe!


Sigh I guess no one remembers the good old days when I used to hold em all :frown:

How is the RPG doing anyways? Oh well, back to the EVO one, have to salvage thta.


I have tried to join UEVRPG, but I can't connect myself enough often to play correctly, and I find the rules a bit to complicate... :eek:
And just another thing: I prefer atmosphere than fighting in RPG's, but EV RPG's are more fighting RPG's... :rolleyes:

I defintively like these smilies 😄


the Millenium.

Hey Chapo, have you ever considered joining the uEVO-RPG?

I'm UE GM over there.....

I hate UE in EVO... but I'll check uEVO RPG'site 🙂


the Millenium.

Please do check it out. I'm not saying join UE, any of the other govs would be great to join. Almost everyone could use a few players, especially the Renegades.

BTW, you should post on the board that your joining, so the GM will know right off.