Attention Chapo: Why don't YOU create a French-language EV/O website?

Chapeau, pourquoi-pas fait un "website" pour EV/O en français? Si tu fait, dit-moi l'adresse du site, okay? Mon adresse est:
Mon site est: (url="http://"")
mais il n'est pas trčs complet.
Merci, beaucoup.

(If you do, let me know the address, okay? My address is:
My website is: (url="http://"")
but it isn't nearly finished.
Thanks a lot.)

I'm not very well experimented in web pages, but I'll try to make afrench site about EVO. thanks for the idea 🙂


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Actually, I had started a small unofficial French-english dictionnary for EVO... (Such as, United Earth would translate to Alliance Terrestre) so if you want it, I'll try to dig it up...

Translating science fiction is hell.


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Etienne, what is your dictionnary made for? Does it only translate the most important words in EV on a web site or is it a big plugins translating every thing in the game?

umm, ok... why I don't like this idea:

People who play EV do so in ENGLISH.
Why would someone who spoke French goto a website that was for a game in English, it doesn't make sense. If he can't even understand whats going on in the game, whats a web site going to do.

I mean how does he know that the 'proton gun' is the 'le proton gun' (whatever it is in French..

I am not trying to come off negative... it just doesn't make sense...


I agree.


I'm an example of people interested in a french EV/O site, because I'm bored of speaking and reading english everytime I come on the web, and I prefer having informations in french... But I still understand most of the game (except some particular missions but I just check my mission table with the I key).
Shakespeare is an English autor, but we study him in France! That's the same for EV/O, french players will probably be very happy to see a french site translating the background in french or offering a french-language plug.
That's my point of view, and I understand that others don't agree, but I will domplete my site and inform you when it will be ready.


the Millenium.