Hey hey! All read here! C'mon, don't be shy! Read this!

Why am I talking like some clown in a circus?

Because I want you all to know about the uEV-RPG, that's why!

The uEV-RPG is no half-baked RPG. Run my admins FLSTF and Ozzie, it is just like Scurvy's RPG in all respects, with one difference. Everything actually WORKS!

That's right. Gambling, bar actions, scanning, mission computers, trading, and battles are all done efficiently and on time. You will NEVER have to worry about waiting around for days for a scan to get done, they are always done quick time. You will NEVER run out of mission computer missions to do, because its updated every day!

Get the picture now? This RPG is the best run EV-based RPG out there, bar none!

As always, we can easily use more players in all areas. There are a variety of govs to choose from. You can take a side in the galactic civil war and join the Rebels (the Rebellion GM is none other than yours truly, by the way) or Confederation, strike out on your own as an independent, join the swashbuckling pirates, or be a part of the Lethe/Cydonian war and join one of those 2 govs.

Join! Go to (url="http://"http://uevrpg.iwarp.com")http://uevrpg.iwarp.com(/url) and sign up!

Till next time,


Oh, almost forgot.

Schooling and their respective skills work as well. That means that if you want to submit a new technology, attempt an assassination, scan for a new system, or link systems together, that all works as well!

The point I'm trying to get across here is that this RPG is run very, VERY well.

So what are you waiting for? JOIN ALREADY! 🙂

UE Crusader