Progress report: Newswire is up!

I've got the Newswire up and running for EV -- it's not live anywhere you can check it out yet, but it will be soon (I need to clean up and polish a few areas). The Newswire is basically a place for News about EV to be posted. Here's how it works.

Someone posts something to the Newswire for Escape Velocity (anyone can do this) -- it's put in a special area where only the news admins can see it.

One of the news admins logs in, takes a look at the pending news stories, and releases those that they deem are valid news articles to the public Escape Velocity Newswire -- with the click of one button.

Having several responsible people that can handle this task will simply ensure that news is posted in a timely manner. The admins won't be rotated, there will simply be several of them at once -- so news will most likely be made public with relative alacrity.

The news automatically gets archived monthly, has headlines with links for quick reviews of new happenings, is searchable, and there's even the ability for people to comment on news postings (in web board style -- though this looks a little ugly, it is functional).

Similar things will be done for other areas; stay tuned, and rest assured that we've got a fairly good idea how to make this work well. Good stuff is coming! 🙂

Andrew Welch / el Presidente / Ambrosia Software, Inc.

Well. This is a great idea, but why? the only news for EV comes about every 3 months, at the most. If EV were still new, this would be easy to keep interesting, and it would be popular. Now, we are just kinda sticking around, waiting for something even slightly interesting to happen.

Also, I am a little confused on exactly how we will see this newswire. please clarify.



You'll see it by going to the EV Newswire web page (which is a link from the main EV page).

As for why -- new plugins are released from time to time, people create new web boards/sits, people are seeking artists/developers to work on plugs, etc.

From what I've seen on these web boards, there's enough news to keep it active enough.

Andrew Welch / el Presidente / Ambrosia Software, Inc.

Isn't that what the EV board is used for anyway? 😄 cheesy grin 😄


"I think it had something to do with the price of beans."

Basilisk wrote:
**Isn't that what the EV board is used for anyway?:D cheesy grin 😄


Yes, currently I think you're right -- but I also think that if people had a Newswire, the web board wouldn't be used to post news, but rather to discuss it (which is really the point 🙂 )

Andrew Welch / el Presidente / Ambrosia Software, Inc.