Ti - EV!!

**Hey everyone!!
i've finished a working demo of Ti-EV. basically it just shows all the ship sprites in the game. i have an animated screen shot on my site (url="http://"http://orionprod.cjb.net")()rion Productions(/url) under (url="http://"http://orionprod.cjb.net/upcoming.html")Upcoming Versions(/url).
now, a bit about this demo: although the demo may not seem impressive, it is proof that the data file's format is in the correct format (although most of it is blank still), and that i'm making progress.

so, tell me what you think, and as always, if you want to help, please e-mail me @ (url="http://"mailto:funky_cheeze@usa.net")mailto:funky_cheeze@usa.net(/url)funky_cheeze@usa.net**