New Horizen Uncompressing help!

Well, I sucked that 20 meg item over the modem and it won't decompress! Have anybody had the same problem and fixed it? Can someone help me? Point me to their copy of NH?


🙂 Max B-H

Try getting Stuffit! Expander 5.5 from (url="http://"")

Better yet, get Aladdin Expander, from the same site.

I noticed that it was 11MB, so I'm downloading the missing data.
What's Alladin Expander?

P.S. I have SE 5.5!
P.P.S. Andrew, I think you can close this!

🙂 Max B-H

I think Alladin Expander 5.5 is how StuffIt Expander is now called.


I had the same problem. I went to thier website and got it from there...and it works.