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This topic is about a subject opened in the old board about the best ship in EVO.
This topics is principally destinated to yorick and Squid fizzy if they always are sure that the azdara is the best nship ever made:
I finally find a proof that the azdara is not the best ship in space, and the disco bison is my proof: try to destroy the disco bison with an azdara: it's impossible! but with an Igadzra or some ship like that, you just have to launch your fleet and to attack him, and he has not a chance to survive...
😉 The igadzra is the best ship (only in fighting) 🙂

While you certainly have a point, I don't think the ability to fight against one, rarely-seen përs makes a ship the best there is. Azdara has its good sides (The speed, the maneuverability, the shield recharge) and Igazra has its good sides (The amount of weaponry and the powerful shields)

To my opinion, in EV:O it's impossible to say what ship is the best for fighting. After all, there are so many different battle roles and tactics...

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does anyone know how to get a miranu gunboat with out cheating?

my favorite ship is th arada, but I haven't flown very many ships

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The Miranu Gunship can be obtained by doing the Zachit missions. Get a good Miranu legal status and a deadly combat rating, then try to get the missions at outopst Zachit. About the best ship, my favorite is the Igazra, but Ankh made a good point about some ships being more suited to certain roles.

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I like the UE Cruiser, myself!

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My favorite is a UE destroyer myself.


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well as Ankh said its pretty much impossable to find "the best ship" for fighting, you can find good ships and bad ships, but there isn't really a best ship, for instance a REALLY GOOD player can be in a crappy ship like a scout ship or something (with maxed out guns) and REALLY BAD player can be in uhhh lets say a dreadnought with 8 blaze turrets and about 15 neutron cannons, the guy in the scout ship well do better! well thats my thoughts....

and remeber "its the man, not the machine"

P.S. i like the UE Destoyer or the Crecent warship myself.

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Who cares about fighting??!! My favorite is still my Arada: L'Astronef Marchand. It is a wonderful ship! I use it for trading and exploring and have equiped it so that I can escape if necessary or shoot if I have to while escaping or running a blockade. It has an IFF decoder, afterburner, phase cannons, emalghian cannons, fuel (ram) scoops, pursuit missile launcher, and some other stuff.
I have enough money now to upgrade to a "better" ship, but I love my Arada, and am keeping it.
There's a lot more to life (and EV/O) than fighting!

Hmm... favorite ship. My BEST fighting ship is the UE Cruiser, as the armor protects it in the cresent, while the fighters kill voinians. It also has monster space. The Igazadra (sp) is better in shields, fuel, speed, jump time (a bigee for cresent missions), profile, and looks. While the UE cruiser is technically better for my playing style, the Igazadra is my standard big ship.

My favorite to pilot is probably the Igazadra, lazira, or arada. The ship with the best looks is the M. Gunship (it would probably be my favorite if it had more shields/space). As for the most fun, it is (for me) the UE fighter. It is a challenge to pilot, but a fun one.

Toeach his own,

The best ship varies from person to person, as each EV/EVO player has his or her own playing style.

The best combat ship I know of is the UE Cruiser bar none.

But when it comes to trading like Jude was saying, a sturdy little ship like the Arada takes the cake. It is perhaps best known around here for its ability to be upgraded into a strong heavy-fighter type ship, but when you look at the stats it can be modified into an impressive courier vessel as well. The same can be said of the Lazira, although the Arada is better for escaping renegade fire when you're trading in the hostile regions.


I like the UE destroyer especially, mainly because it has so much more armor than crescent ships, and with mobility enhancements it can almost match crescent ships' speed and turning. It has enough room for a bunch of dispersal rockets and a set of phase turrets, or a Crescent fighter bay. It takes almost no damage from Crescent fire because phase turrets and dispersal rockets do almost no damage to armor. And it's faster than the UE cruiser. I should try the UE cruiser though, it has much more shields and armor.

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I have never understood the goal of a trader. Every pilot I create is a trader at the begining (I find a good trade way and sell merchendises in close planets to have a lot of credits as fast as I can) but when I have enough credits ( I really mean a lot) I buy a fighting ship to kill my ennemies and to complete combat missions, but I never stand as being a merchant: when you have 20M credits (or more) what is the interrest of staying in a poor merchant ship?

Different ships are good for fighting different kinds of opponents.

For example, in EV with Pale, The Locust is one of the best ships for fighting, but it makes a crappy pirate ship because of the small cargo bay. A mod-Corvette would be a much better pirate ship, even though it's not as good in a dogfight.
You can't judge a ship by how well it fares against a single type of opponent.

BTW, this whole thread should be on the EVO board (duh) 😛


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Yeah it should be on the EVO board, but since it isn't, I'll add in my old favorite, probably lots of peoples, but if you add the kestrel into EVO, and all its weapons and the lightnings, and give it some upgrades you can kick all the other ships ass. The other ships are all too slow, except for some of the fighters. Only problem is if you lose your lightnings, you can't go stealing them from other kestrels, and at 1 million a piece they get expensive.


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In pale 1.9, the best ship for me is a modified "Wight" pirate cruiser, which may be obtained by doing some tough missions. "hellhunter" is a mercenary capitan who flys one.