New Republic

I had been following the New republic Plug-in for EV for about 1-1/2 years Before the auther quit at about 99% done, and asked for volenters to help complete it. I e-mailed him several times, saying I would finish it, but he never replied and apparently shut down the plug-in and the page. If anyone here knows ANYTHING about this, or if it moved to a different site, please tell me. I need that plug, I've gotten EVERY one out there, and the only promising ones look like the EVES, and ERA.


New Republic is still in development by the author, Kevin M. Boots, an a small team. Kevin still posts (well he did on the old board) occasionally.

But why did the page go off-line? I was so dissapointed!


The site did not go off-line; it was moved to:

Check it out

Hey Cotton Mouse look on the first page of the web board and you will find a post about New Republic BubbaFish Software, in it Kevin explains what is going on with the plug and other info, hang in there it is coming!!

You can also visit Kevin's Hotline Server. I don't have the IP address offhand, it's at home and am at school.