I'll have to get some people from the other EV:O board here. 🙂


I like the other one better, myself.. shrug


Same here, but there are some EV and/or EV:O loving people that only come here.

also shugs.


I like the atmosphere here on the Ambrosia boards better than on the EV/O disc boards. The people here are friendlier and more courteous, have a better (but not nasty) sense of humor, and seem to be more diverse in nationalities, interests, etc. I've been coming here since I started playing EV/O, and never have I been made to feel unwelcome. Even if the tone of a string starts to get a bit strained, the participants apologize and work to keep things friendly.
Sometimes the strings get a bit long and take forever to load on my old computer, but it's usually worth it.
But the EV/O disc boards have the advantage of being better for getting specific questions about EV/O answered by expert players and plug-in designers.
I haven't decided yet whether I like how the Ambrosia boards have been split up by individual games. I'm not sure it was necessary, and may break up some of the camaraderie.

Yeah, people are somewhat more polite here.

About the forum split, I guess it's good and bad; you can focus more on certain things, but, as you said, you do lose the comradery and general Ambrosia kicks ass mood.

Heh, as someone else once said, we're never going to get into an argument if we just keep agreeing with eachother like this. 🙂


Once upon a time, a long time ago, on what seemed like another world wide web, the EVO board was polite and friendly. Then the summer came, most of the older, experienced players disappeared, and things changed completely. I think that the change was partially due to several specific people arriving at the board, but I wont name names. When I first showed up, about a year ago, I was surprised to find such a friendly group on a gaming bulletin board, but it didn't last. The EVO board finally got more and more like the EV board, which we used to look down on. Maybe this forum, and the return of the Developers Board, will change things back. I have some hope.


What you describe, Jude and Bubbles, used to be true in the EV Board, in the ancient times, when EV Board was still under the command of Skyhawk. Although I have seen the EV Boards during the time of the Impersonator Wars, (a terrible mess I might add), when I truly started posting after the end of the war, there were a lot more oldies, who used to be kind, polite and always ready to answer to questions, nobody posted silly messages about EV community dying, plug-ins in progress were finished and the few people who flamed or spammed were rightly punished. Jos Delbar, our former webmaster, renewed the board scripts, and everyone was happy. It's the only time the page went through a major renewal without practically anyone complaining... wonder why?

So, when I came, I wasn't even toted as a silly newbie, probably because my 3 first posts weren't the infamous "I'm going to make the biggest plug-in ever!", "How do I play the plug-ins?" and "Can anyone swap me the reg. code?"

You could call it utopic for a game-based web board.

Then, things started going to a worse direction when Skyhawk quit. HellHunter was chosen as the next webboard admin, but for some reason, there turned out to be much more spam, usually in the form of "POLL: HOW DO YOU THINK HELLHUNTER IS DOING?"

The final death stroke to the utopia was the unfortunate event of our old webmaster, Jos Delbar, being fired of his job, causing a period when the website wasn't updated, lasting for months. During that time, spam reigned, the few regulars and semi-oldies forgot that everyone is a newbie once and started to conspire against the masses of newbies coming, people argued about whether or not EV is as good as EVO, and generally everyone was quite unhappy.

And now, after Andrew Welch has taken out our dear web board for the second time inside a small period of time, here we are looking forward to a rebirth of the EV Community. Isn't that weird? 🙂

Ankh Starrunner, The Diamond Blaster

I remember the Great Creation vs. Evolution debate. 🙂 And when story writing was all the rage, and people were writing stories left and right. But what I don't like about this board is that it doesn't remember when I was here last, and shows all the dates as 1-1-10. sigh (Although it does have that nifty signature thing.)

Mac is Back, Jack! Get Used to It!

I am not a Member anymore! What's up with that? They removed the Junoir (sp?) Member and the Member status! That stinks. You would think my 138 posts would count for something.

Mac is Back, Jack! Get Used to It!

Heh. Looks like Andrew took out the Member/Junior Member stuff. Mayhap Andrew Welch decided that it would cause a lot of annoyance when people come, see others are 'members' and wonder why the hell they're only 'junior' members. Who knows.

And about the dates... looks like Andrew posted a 'test' to every single post today, and because it's 11th January 2000, the board shows it as 11 01 00. It's not the board's fault 🙂

Well, personally I think this board is quite good... I'd just like if this board had black EV-like backgrounds, or something like that... it has too much boring Ambrosia white 😛

Ankh Starrunner, The Diamond Blaster

I was a junior member and I have no idea of what was the difference between the two main status, can anyone answer?
Ankh Starrunner, I think the white is the best color for anything on the web because it doesn't hurt eyes (or less than black), it is really easier to read something black on a white background than any other choice of colors and finally, it is the best color if you want to print anything.
But my subject is not here: why did ambrosiasw let the old topics about EV/O in another board than this one??? here are not a lot of subjects while threads in "help on the way" board are interessant, so why are we here?

Test, ignore.

You start as a junior member and become a member after you make a certain number of posts.

-Lord Kannock-

How many posts do you need? I heard 20 or 25. I wonder if someone posts over 50 or 100 times maybe they'll become a "senior member"

Luca Rescigno
"I have nothing to fear but secret sauce"

IIRC, it's 20 to be a member, and even if you post hundreds you're still member. At least, that's what it was like on the Ares board. I think.


"The stars used to have dignity and mystery - now soot and pollution dim their light and no one cares - people have no time for stargazing anyhow"
-Morio Kita

Correct, there are only Junior Member, Member and Moderator rankings. Personally I don't like the ranking thing at all, it will probably only promote people posting complete junk so that they aren't a "Junior Member" anymore. Someone could post 1000 peices of crud but still not be respected as much as one who makes 5 truly valuable posts.

Just my opinion.

-The Fonz

Very true, Fonz. I think the ranking system could work though, if there were more ranks and people would cooperate with it, instead of posting useless post as you have said. Some other things to improve the board would be allowing the choice of your own password. I don't really like adding another password to my long and growing list already. I can get used to UBB fairly easily so I am not worried about that.

You can change your password, just click the "Profile" link at the top of the page.


Heh, you should realize I made this topic before I knew this one would become the only official EV board.