Whaddya want?!!?

General question here. . . what do you people want, in general, in a plug? What part of a plug or TC do you think is most important? Graphics, ships & outfits, missions, plot?

Because it's there,

Naturally, a little of everything. But I wouldn't waste time downloading a plug without any missions in it. Sooo, I suppose good missions+plot is the most important, new graphics adds to the experience and ships and outfits are always appreciated. On the other hand, ships and outfits, if added new, should have new graphics. Otherwise they don't feel new, and the whole point of the adding it would get lost. On the other hand you could get new outfits purely through missions...

Well, that's my slightly incoherent opinion.

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Personally, I love missions, lots and lots of missions. But quantity is still not as important as quality, so the plot is also very important to me. Another thing I enjoy a lot is seeing the original aspects revamped (graphics, sounds, missions, ship/outfit/weapon stats, descriptions etc.) But a well thought out plotline is probably the most important thing overall.

Balanced play.
No one over 12 likes plugs with ultimate ships

Absence of major bugs.
Especially spin and dude crash problems

Compelling plot line.
Especially if it has multiple threads for different types of pilots; humor is also a plus

Both ship and outfit. Personally I am big on consistency of styles within a government and view mode (e.g. scan images which vary in color and style for no reason). Like Solo, I also feel cheated if I see the same tired outfit graphic used in plug after plug.

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