GS domination and mission help

well ok this is a queston for EV but more for the GS (Gallatic Scourge) plugin, anyway could someone tell me some good planets to dominate? and also how much money they give me, what their defense fleet is, about how many ships are in 'em and if their changed in GS... oh and where is the confed transport in the Astrodyne V mission? also i've been having an anoyance with the "Investagate Dumping" mission that the diphidians give me, it keeps poping up and unless i accept it i cant get other missions in the bar and i dont want to do it because a few 'fed planets still think im clean (i was killing pirates near Diphidia II) oh and if you leave the system and/or land while taking over a system, do you have to start over

P.S. sorry andrew but i wanted it to get noticed...


Starting with the easiest first:

In Galactic Scourge ( (url="http://"") or the archives) the Astrodyne V mission is unchanged from EV and thus the ship is in Castor.

There are a number of missions which are offered with some insistence. This is often because it is important to the plot or the person in the bar is just annoying. The easiest thing to do is accept it and never complete it. If you don't want that (i.e. you will be attacked as soon as you launch) you can accept it then after the rest of the bar has queued up to hire you, just abort the ones you don't want. In EV, unlike EVO, there are no consequences for aborting missions.

If you leave a system or land while dominating you do not start over. EV keeps track (or approximate track) of the number of ships you have killed.

Dominating systems in GS is harder than in EV. We have adjusted the defense fleet based on our assumption of the economics and politics of the system. The best bet for an easy kill is an (truly) independent system on the fringe. For example Master's Planet has 30 defenders in 6 waves. There is great variation in this theme, depending on things you may only discover by doing missions. For example Deneb III has a defense fleet of 5 mixed class PDPs due to its role as the Weapon Testing and Development Center for the League of Unaligned Militia. The other thing you should know is that a number of bad things can happen if you dominate planets ( (url="http://"")http://www.geocities...ourge/Earth.jpg(/url) ). But perhaps you like that.