A Very Disturbing Trend

I was kinda wondering why this post was wiped from this board. Suppose andrew could give an explanation.:

a very investigative _inig

It's funny: every time I post my EV story on the EV/O StoryBoard, it gets deleted or locked out.

Why are there no longer links to the EVMP board discussion on other GX EV boards? Why too is it locked out with a password? Is there something going on with EVMP/EV3-related posts that the powers that be want to censor?

Will this post about this "conspiracy" be deleted from this board too?

You decide:

Check it out:

My conspiracy post regarding these actions is on this board -
EV/O Flame Board:

Check out the censorship and lock-outs on these boards:

EV/O Storyboard (url="http://"http://www.gamersx.com/messages/overview.asp?board_id=16841")www.gamersx.com/messages/overview.asp?board_id=16841(/url)

EVMP Public Discussion Board (url="http://"http://www.gamersx.com/messages/overview.asp?board_id=16757&page;=1&std-expand;")http://www.gamersx.c...ge=1&std-expand(/url)

It wasn't wiped from the board, it was moved to the proper place: the EV banter & brawl forum.

Please post conspiracy theories, gripes, complaints, and other things not related to EV in the EV banter & brawl forum. If you think a post has been deleted, try looking in the EV banter & brawl forum, it's probably been moved there, not deleted.

I shall now close this topic 🙂

Andrew Welch / el Presidente / Ambrosia Software, Inc.

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