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I created a fine plug for EV. Now, I need to convert it to EV/O format. How do I do that?

Alternatively, is there something like EV/O edit or Schmelta for EV/O?

I'll post this on the EV/O board, too, since this seems to be a two-category post.


Well, all you have to do is change the creator and type resources w/ ResEdit. Then, you'd have extra fields to fill in; that shouldn't be too hard.


Anything specific I'm supposed to change them TO?

Your reply wasn't very reassuring to an amateur EV/O programmer.


For regular EV, the type is Mpïf, and the creator is Mërc.
For EV:O, the type is Opïf, and the creator is EsçO. BTW, none of the O's are zeroes.
EV-Edit can do both EV and EV:O plugins, as can ResEdit. Unfortunately, the perfect mission designer for EV, Schmelta-V, can't be adapted for EV:O, but you can make an EV plug with it and then change the type and creator in ResEdit. One program that you can use to automatically convert files from EV to EV:O is EVOlution, which comes with every copy of EV-Edit. I think that Frozen Heart also comes with a converter, but it can go both ways, not just EV to EV:O.

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Once you've got an EV plug made, you can use Resedit to change the type/creator codes; however you'll need to replace the EV templates (The TMPL resources) with the EVO templates, then open every resource where the template has changed and enter new data in the new fields, if need be.

The following resources are unchanged:
sprites (spïn)
descriptions (dësc)
dudes (düde)
fleets (flët)
junk (jünk)
nebulae (nëbu)
missions (mïsn)*
personalities (përs)
planets (spö🆒
systems (sÿst)
PICTs, STR#s and STRs†

The following resources are changed:
Governments (gövt): The first field, previously unused, now is a hex flag field which specifies the jamming capabilities of this government's ships. While you need not use this, it's often a good idea to use it, as it adds depth and variety to the game.

"Disasters" (öops): the MissionBit field is a bit more flexible.

Outfits (öutf): ModType 10 (missle jammer) has different properties in the ModVal field. There is a new ModType, and a new flag value for the Flags field.

Ships (shïp): There is a new flags field which affects jump speed and other properties.

Weapons (wëap): The weapon types are a bit different, especially 1 (homing projectile) which now is affected by the flags in the new Seeker field. Weapon type 2 is now unused.

The following resources are brand, spanking new:
Quicktime movies (dëqt): Supplement and/or replace mission text briefings with QuickTime movies. When Override goes to load some text for a mission that would normally be displayed in the standard text-briefing dialog box, it also checks for a deqt resource with the same ID as the desc resource to be loaded. If it determines that a movie needs to be played, it looks in the Override Plug-Ins folder for a QuickTime ‘MooV’ file with the same name as the name of the associated deqt resource, and plays it on the screen.

Starting date (yëä®😞 number of years added to the real life date to get the date the player starts out on.

Make sure to get the EVO Bible. My annotated Edition is available at (url="http://"") .

Because it's there,

WickedDyno wrote:

...The following resources are unchanged:

...missions (mïsn)*

Not quite.
Missions can now set up to 4 mission bits as opposed to two in EV; also failing a mission can set 2 bits, and there is a new desc which can be shown when a mission is refused.

Otherwise a very good and complete answer, as we have come to expect.

Check your bible, WickedDyno 🙂