AI Ships

I've noticed that the artificial intelligence in EV always makes passes when attacking other ships. I like to circle, kills them quicker and makes it harder for them to hit you with their missiles and torps. And they also fire all their torps and missiles right away. I'm weird, I never use secondary weapons that require saves money, but greatly rescricts my firepower potential. Oh well, back to dominating planets in my Rebel Cruiser...


Yeah, thats the way I am too. I never use missiles and torpedoes, but I have the launchers on my ship(s) just so I can pilage the weapons from pirtates. Missiles can be quite profitable on the right planet... 😉

I love having every weapon in the game, but i never use anything with ammo either. I use the mass driver, or neutron cannon. P.S. you must try pale 1.9, it's one of the best plugs out there


ya know, if you have those secondary ammo you can really pound the enimy. You'll have to watchout though, cause to do it ya have to close fast and stay closed - the other ship won't use is torps, missiles whatever when you're in range of his primarys. then, as you pound him with your primarys, also be launching your secondarys - it'll do tons of damage quickly and you'll have a better chance at a kill.


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Usually, I circle around the ship I'm fighting waiting at a distance for it to run out of Ammo, which usually happens sooner or later, then I go in for the kill with my primary and torpedos. Using that tactic I have been able to take out a Fed Cruiser in a Rapier.


That's a good idea, EVula...and, I saw your letter in MacAddict. When'd you send that in? I sent one in last month. And, Cotton Mouse, I did try Pale before. But my comp. had it's HD replaced and Pale takes a while to download... and the fact that my modem randomly disconnects doesn't particulary help.