Frozen Heart Guide update HERE (all read)

For all interested, I have already begun typing up my guide to Frozen Heart. Its coming along well, I hope to be finished with it within a reasonable period of time.

I would like to inquire if any of you would be interested in putting the guide into doc mode for me (like the EV and EVO documentation). It will be very easy to navigate, as opposed to having it be one large text file (but I can go either way 🙂 )

Also, if you would like to have the guide on your website, just say so and I'll E-mail the text of the guide to you when its done.

Just to give you a taste of what the guide will be like, I am including the introduction I've written for the guide. Enjoy.

Authored by UE Crusader

Welcome to you. This is a comprehensive guide to playing Frozen Heart, arguably the greatest plug-in ever made for Escape Velocity or its sequel, Escape Velocity: Override. As anyone who has previously played Frozen Heart will tell you, FH is truly a masterpiece scenario, packed with a huge galaxy, new ships and outfits, a new unique interface, new dangers and hazards, and far and away the most intricate, deep, well-written, and complex storyline of any plug-in ever written. Many plugs have some of these features, but only FH succeeds in bringing it all together into one package. Amazing, awesome, and fantastic cannot begin to describe the greatness of this plug, it is nothing short of legendary. The Frozen Heart truly ranks as one of the EV universes' greatest triumphs; it shall forever stand in a league of its own.

However, to a player entering into the Frozen Heart universe for the first time, all of this can be very daunting. You may be thinking, "Where do I start?" "Where am I going?" "How can I get there?" "How can I make sense out of this complex plotline?" "What should I do first?" That is why I endeavored to write this guide. With this guide at your side, I will help you make sense out of the wild universe standing before you, and help to steer you in the right direction. But first, there are just a few things I want to make clear before I get down to business.

This guide WILL:

-Help you get off on the right foot in Frozen Heart.
-Show you why you should never, EVER purchase a warship (or any large ship) in Frozen Heart.
-How to actually make cash in FH (it isn't as easy as in normal EV or EVO)
-Help you figure out which missions to do first, and where you can find them.
-Keep you from falling into one of FH's mission traps.
-Warn you about the hazards in the FH universe, and where they exist.
-Give you tactics and stratagems for winning FH's toughest missions.

This guide will NOT:

-Give you an automatic easy ticket to unbridled wealth and power.
-Tell you about any cheap cheater plugs made for FH (if you are the kind who cheats, you are the kind who doesn't read a guide like this anyway)
-Spoil the plot for you (I won't review what happens in the story until after you've done the mission covering it).

This guide is meant to help you through FH, but I will be careful throughout the duration of this guide to not give anything away which will diminish the fun for you. This guide will be a great help to you, but if you are looking for easy answers to everything in FH you will not find them here. That would only diminish from your own enjoyment, and we can't have that, now can we? 🙂

And now we get down to the heart of it. Up next, some basic things you need to know about Frozen Heart.......

When I get close to completion, I'll be sure to let you all know.


I'll put it on my site, and also host a download if you want. I'm going to try to get a documentation making thing working, and I'll see if I would be able to put it into the format of the EV/O Docs

Micah L.
E-mail: (url="http://"")

I belive I can make the format you want, just send me the text when it's done. I'm making no guarentees, but the job seems pretty straight-forward :).

Micah L.
E-mail: (url="http://"")

Wow, cool UE!! That looks really, really nice... When do you think you'll be completed with it? In my humble opinion, looks like one of the best ideas yet for those with lots of FH questions 🙂 If you want, I'll mirror it on another site to, or stick in a DocMaker App for download.

Tell me what you think,

Thanks for your support you guys, glad people like this idea. 🙂

Micah, I'll E-mail you the text when its done.

As for when it'll be done, I anticipate having it done in a few weeks, though you never can tell for certain. I might get close to finishing, then think of a great other thing to add which will make me go back type some more. But I think it'll get done pretty soon. I want to be VERY thorough with this guide, I want it to be the guide for Frozen Heart. Once I get FH done, I'll do Femme Fatale next, and perhaps Flight of the Eagle when it comes out.

And when I play through it a few times, of course. 🙂


I know someone with a walkthrough for FH if you are interested UEC...


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