Who'd like a Frozen Heart/Femme Fatale guide? (all read plz)

I have recently been toying with the idea of writing an in-depth, VERY detailed guide to FH and FF. Featured would be general advice on playing the plugs NOT generall mentioned (random things I've noticed in my experience), profitable trade routes (ever get bugged by how hard it is to make real cash in FH?), advice on beating those tougher missions, and hints on getting through FH's complex plot (just hints though, not giving anything away). The guides would be for newbies looking for some help if they get really stuck in the plug, although I think some of us oldies might actually end up finding it useful as well.

What do you all think? Good idea, or not? Shall I take the time and pursue it?

Also, would CS be kind enough to put these guides up on the EV/EVO site when I finish?

Thanks for your input,


It'd be a VERY good idea!

Sounds great! Send me an e-mail when it is finished, okay?

Thanks a bunch for your enthuasim AM and Jude, I'll get started on it this very day, and you 2 will be the first to know when its near completion. Thanks for your support. 🙂


Good Idea!

🙂 Max B-H

I'd like to have to FF guide, 'cause I stuck in some missioin a couple month ago and stopped playing it finally. It'd be great if the guide doesn't give the straight instructions where to go and what to do, but just give you the idea how the mission can be accomplished.
As for FH, I think it's preaty easy one to play, accept you should remember all the time not to buy some outfits (I burned on this the first time I played it)
By the way, how about guide for EV Ultra. I had no time to tuch this plug-in for 2 years, but now, when there has't been any plug-ins worth playing for about a year(since New Horrizons), I tried Ultra and it is seem to be quit bugged or something. So if you know tis plug-in and have time I would appreciate the guide on it.

Yes, great idea!!!!


Yeah, sounds like a good idea, I've only played the beginning of FH but hell, I might play again. 😛

-The Fonz

Go for it, UEC!
I've benn playing FH a while ago and got stuck.
I didn't new what to do. Asked on the board, but noone could help.
So I REPLAYED the plug. Got stuck on the same place.
The problem was that wherever I go - there is no missions to do.
None at all (only transport and passangers).
I found a guide. Not the one that I would like to have, but just a description what I must do step by step. Pretty boring, right?
I checked and found I was about 60% finished, but I didn't wanted to use the guide nor to replay the plug again. I might do open it again though! 🙂