MďsnEditor web page?

I forgot to bookmark the url before the board change, so i was wondering if anyone has the link?


p.s. is there any information about the size of the Nova plug-in? Does anyone have some information i can use while still keeping the plug a surprise?

I don't know where is the mďsnpage, but I think that you could find everything you need for a plug at (url="http://"http://www.escape-velocity.com/archives/editors.html")www.escape-velocity.com/archives/editors.html(/url)

Pipeline has told us to expect a 40 meg down-load that will expand to about 80 megs of hard-disc space. Those were the last numbers I heard anyway. Where is pipeline anyway, did he get that page running yet?


What is nova, and If it's a ev plug, where is it, and EV cant handle a plug that big.


What is nova, and If it's a ev plug, where is it, and EV cant handle a plug that big.

Nova is going to be a very cool plug-in from what i've seen in a few screen-shots. It is not to be confused with the ill-fated Nova multiplayer game that some EV veterans might remember, but it still looks cool none the less.

With a plug-in that size it might just be a replacement of the data files, like they've done with some other mammoth plug-ins.

I just wanted to see the MďsnEditor webpage in hopes that it might contain some info on Nova, i've gotten myself too psyched for this thing. Just like i was about Xenocide (Skyhawks big plug-in, is it now called Epsilon?).

Thanks for the info Bubbles.

Doc Hopper

It's also for EVO, which can handle plugs that big (apparrently).

Nova is going to be an EVO plug, by far the largest adaptation of the game ever. This is the first project of an Australian based game company called ATMOS software. I don't know what they will do to try to make the game easier to down-load, but as far as game-play goes, they have developed it with Ambrosia to be the first plug-in written specifically for version 1.2 of EVO. The (perpetually) soon to be released newest version of the game apparently will be able to handle a plug-in that size. Pipeline will be able to explain when he comes. I hope he's finishing his EVO MisnEditor program in a closet somewhere and will have that ready for us when he shows up again. Or at least the web page, which I don't think was complete yet.


It's not the size that counts, it's how you use it.

I'm sure it'd be easy to come up with an 80 meg plugin by using graphics in 24 bit color (useless in EV), and lots of them. Seriosly though, I'd like to see what they did to the plug to make it 40 megs.

The Master of Ignorance

I want to see it too! Beta testers report that it's pretty impressive. That is, if it is ever released. According to pipeline, it requires version 1.2 to run smoothly. Who knows when that will come out. Not to mention it's been in development forever.

patiently waiting...


OK all, Heard and received.

Nova is big because it has tons of 256 system palette images (new sprites, new landing picts, etc). It has many more than EVO by itself. It also has all-new sounds and music.

MďssionEdit continues fine. I will have those damned screenshots up by tonight, if only because Andrew Welch may be dropping by to see them (fingers crossed)...!


So, (pipeline), where IS the misneditor web page?

I did not copy the URL before the old board closed because there was nothing there any time I checked it.


The URL will be reposted as soon as I get the page done. Please hold.... :redface:

To bad we can't show pictures, then all the people who didn't see the big preview of Nova a while back could see them. (hint hint) When is 1.0.2 coming out? Accourding to CS, it's up to Andrew. Accourding to Andrew, it's up to Matt Burch. Accourding to Matt Burch, oh wait, he hasn't been contacted yet.

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We are getting close to releasing the final pre-release version of NOVA soon (the release where we will be asking beta-testers to check out our missions and storylines, so there might be a new puh to start putting out 'teasers' soon. Keep your eyes peeled (although that may be a little painful)...

...have a good one...