Oh my God!

Look at this board... it only takes minutes more to load, and it's so FANCY!

I wrote a whole big message at school, and then it told me I needed a new account. Sucks to be me. Now I have no big message to post. Just some stuff.

Wanted to know what was up with Aeon... have no understanding of what I'm doing on the mailing list.

Also wondering if the new EVO edition was out yet along with this fancy new board.

Kind of curious to find out what I've missed... I was without computer (WC) for two weeks... and my school computer has been sucking. I hate NT as I hate all PC's and thee!

It loses my profile... all my email.. and I can't do much. It even destroys my printer profiles, so I have to reinstall them everytime.

I fell like such a light weight. A friend of mine built a LAN in his house and we played Quake against one another. That was my first real Quake experience. Do I suck or what? I mean, that game is five years old!

Is this background supposed to be grey or black?

Just wondering.

Have a nice day... and remember your pal


Also...anyone else knee deep in the speech season?

Which mailing list are you on?

Aeon is quietly working on Blaze, and others in Aeon are working on TGE, Councilmen, C2A, and others. Email your comrades at asoft@egroup.com - we hope to hear from you. 🙂


Aeon Productions (url="http://"http://www.aeonpro.cjb.net")www.aeonpro.cjb.net(/url)

Jeff, is that you? Why didn't you register as Jeff? Do you ever go to Beige's EV/O-related story board at:


We could use your stories there. How about posting the really funny one that you wrote for UE's character profile request. I think I saved it and may still have it on my computer somewhere. If you have lost your copy, e-mail me at:
and I can probably send it to you so you can post it there.
Good to see you're back!

Vellos is the username Jeff chose on the DiscBoards. But isn't Vellos the name of a race in Nova? No, that's Vell-os.

Welcome Jeff 🙂 Glad you made it 🙂