So what about the nebula?

I have gotten fairly far (I hope...) into the Crescent plot, having gotten that plasma beam thing that the Igadzra give you, and I have also used the nebuala penetration device to discover hospitable planets for the Miranu. THe problem is, what happens next in the nebula? Are there any further mission? Damn I want to know about this.

Pull me out of the air crash
Pull me out of the lake.

There is a few more missions in F-25 ( Then there's a huge new Galaxy beyond.

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So unless I get this plug there's no more info on it, it's just a dead end in the actual game saga? Damn. Oh well, I might get the plug.

Karma police,
Arrest this man.

After you explore the Ji Nebula, that's it, itil F-25 (dun-dun-dun-duuuuuuh music here)

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