To CS - new Final Battle?

A couple days ago you were saying that you going to put the new FB in the archives. Can you please tell when are you planing to do that? I never finished the old one, 'cause of the bugs and really want to try the new one.
And one more thing. The new Pale (v.1.9) file that you put in the archives - I think its corrupted. I downloaded it 3 times and never maneged to unstuff it. Computer gives me a messege that the file doesn't have all the data (or something). The downloaded file size is 2.9 Mb, though in the archive it stated that it has 3.2Mb. So is it my machine, or the file is really corrupted?
Thank you for your time

Yeah, I didn't know that FB 2 was still in the works. Scince the page wen't offline, i figured you quit. Nor did I know about pale 1.9. Yeah, etll us when the FB2 is comming out!!!