How do I join the azgari? What is the introductory recruitment mission for the azgari numbered or called, in case I have already accidentally allied with the zidigar...



First, you can't accidentally join anyone, you're doing their missions or not. If you're not on any Zidagar string, go to South Tip Station. You need a pretty good combat rating and to have qualified to trade for/with the Miranu.

no! I remember that the mission you must ncomplete to join the azdgari is available around north tip, close to the zachit territory in the only azdgari system in the north space. The mission in south tip is to join the Zidagar +I think. But where can we join the voinians?

To join the vonians:
go to pax station and go to the bar and if you have a high enough combat rating you'll get a mission to disable a UE convoy (or something like that) then return to pax station then you will be able to land at vonian planets. 😉

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Alan is right. The Azdgari string starts at south tip, but then the first big Azdgari mission you get is to the Raigar system, near north tip.

Yeah, I went to south tip, and got no missions. I have gotten to the igzdzra trade mission, and I'm not sure if ive completed the miranu trade misn string.


If you have done a mission FOR the Igadzra, you won't get any other strand missions. You have to start a new pilot (or do one saved BEFORE you worked for another strand).