I didn't get to see the reply...

...to my message, due to an unfortunate board wipe, so i'll ask again. I have gotten Ircle and XIRC, and I am confused about getting on the IRC network. I need someone, step-by-step, to show me how to get onto the network. If you would like to help, you can reply to this message or e-mail me at ZSreppok@yahoo.com. Thanks.

P.S. Did anyone else have to re-regester? That made me kinda mad.


In ircle select an EFNet server in your servers window (examples are irc.lagged.org, irc.core.com, irc.concentric.net, irc.mindspring.com), connect to it, open your console window (Windows menu), type /msg GreenYO invite #ev, wait until he invites you, type /join #ev

that's about it. 😃

-The Fonz