I have a real EVO question

What are fun ships to fly? I have completed every objective so now I want to know what ships are FUN, nut just effectivve. Thanks.

I love the Voinian Interceptor, its quite fast for the Voinians!

I like moving really fast in Azdaras and Aradas. I also like killing UE Cruisers in an Igazra, just for fun :p.

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In Frozen Heart i prefer the Rim Prospecter, because it has some character.

And in the normal EVO universe i love to fly in a tricked out Miranu Courier.

But by far the coolest ship ever to grace an EV/EVO plug-in was the Bird of Prey in Escape Velocity Game Expander, now that was a great ship to fly. Get the plug-in if not just to fly that cruiser.


Hmm...the Igizadra and lazira are fun, and the coolest looking is the Miranu gunship, yet I'm leaning twords the UE Fighter. It may not be the best (not close), but it IS fun and challenging.

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my favorite would be the UE carrier. No your ears did not decive you, i did say UE CARRIER. just get a cloaking device ( forget whice mission) and go fo it it! its so much fun!

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Personally, I think that the most fun ship to fly is a modified frieght courier! It just looks so cool, and it has great potential for both trader and pilot characters. Damn I love that ship. I've been using one since I could afford to buy my first one. I've gone through 7 of them, I occasionaly change to a modified UE destroyer for Voinian missions.

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By far the Arada is. Or, if you can, steal an Azdari, Zachit, Iggy, or Renegade Arada! Build a fleet of multicolored Aradas!

I think a black Arada would look awesome. Something like the Crecent Warship motif.

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The thing that lacks SEVERLY from overide are it's graphics, which all really suck compared from EV. The UE carrier looks nothing like it's shipyard picture, and in my opinion, it's the best looking ship (from a 3-d view), but one of the worse from top... Some one MUST make a 3-d re-vamp of the carriers graphics.