Well, if ever a time to see the EV community at it's worst. C'mon you're all acting like children. I've been around for well over two years (the Skyhawk era), and though I don't post much anymore, I have NEVER seen a bigger bunch of whiners. We have yet to hear all of Andrew's plans for EV, who knows you may (god forbid) actually LIKE it. Remember, no plan is set in stone, don't get up on your soapboxes just yet.

I'm going to admit that I prefer the old board's format, much cleaner looking. UBB just looks kinda messy. When I typed this post, there was no text showing me which text boxes were for what, then I realized it's just the fact that I have a low-res display. Andrew, if you read this, any way the message fields could be displayed smaller, to fit better in 640x480 resolution. Advantages of the old board have their counterparts here. The (n/t) post is pretty pointless here because UBB displays all replies. It has many more features, but no html (haven't taken a look at UBB code, though) and doesn't seem so "pretty". The coloring doesn't have the same personality, but then again it's just a webboard. My final complaint is the lack of image support. One key to the EV boards was the ability to get comments on graphics directly from the board

I just strolled over to the developers webboard (I wonder if anybody remembers EV's pre-discboard wwwboard...), and found how much color effects the feel of a board. Oh, any devboard regs who read this, I'll be hanging around there a bit more, kudos to Mazca (but, I can't help but shout Y2K!! Y2K!! Y2K!!).

As for complaints about Scurv... Remeber we had no updates under Jos for months. You could give him a little slack. Both Scurv and Jos gave EV.com full facelifts, and both gave it a spell of neglect. Relax a bit. I for one can't wait to see what happens with the EV.com page when it gets folded back into Ambrosia.

I'll be happy to discuss any other points regarding the move in a civilized manner, though I have yet to fully figure out UBB.

Have a nice day, and give it some time
The Master of Ignorance