Well well well....

I haven't checked in a couple of days and i come back to find everything changed, redirected! talk about your suprises. I have a few things to say to you people.

Keep voicing your opinions. Its a good way to do it, but remember - we are civilized (sapposedly) people - do it without flames and insults.

I think we need a place to meet and discuss, forget about EV for a bit, and to my mind, thats not going to happen here. I have the greatest respect for AW but the old format (though it may have been buggy) was good fo us.

I'll miss those graphic sigs!!!!!

Yeah the old baord was buggy - what was with all the text being black????

or did that happen only to me?

I still need graphics help on the Legacy, fatylin.tycho, are you still here? i need your email addy.

true, !Xabbu is helping me but i've found he's a lazy bum (sorry man) and i still do most of the work myself.

Evula, did you ever see my post on the board?
I asked if you ever made a EVO 3D targets, and was that you in macaddict???

Did anyone reply to that post?

well i think this will turn out.... Interesting.

till then

Come visit Odies Gaming Network

Thats why I got my own EV/O board. Its more like the old borads but with less fetures (sp?).
It's at (url="http://"http://www4.50megs.com/miketm/wwwboard/index.html")http://www4.50megs.c...oard/index.html(/url)


hey! 🙂

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