How to install add-ons with Uplink: the Mac Version

If you are not registered, do so now, or these will not work.

For Skins:
These are pretty easy. After you've downloaded and (most likely) unzipped one, take the entire folder, not just it's contents, and dump it into the Data folder in your Uplink folder. Start up Uplink, and click the Options button on the main screen. There will be a button called "Edit THEME Options", which you should also click. There should be the list of themes you have in your Data folder. Click the one you want and press the button "Apply". You should see what the theme looks like on your screen. Get back to the main screen, and enter the game. Enjoy!

For Gateways:
These are more tricky. The first thing you'll need to make sure you have is a folder inside of the Data folder named "data" and another one named "graphics" (if the new gateway includes custom graphics). These folders are not included with the original installation of Uplink, so you'll probably have to make them yourself. Inside of "data" you'll need another folder named "gateways". Inside of "graphics" you'll need "gateway". Most gateways I've downloaded already have their files in this sort of hierarchy. If so, just make sure the files they have go in the equivalent places. Start up Uplink. Head on over to Uplink Internal Services and you should be able to buy the new gateway. Enjoy!

For LANs:
These work similarly to gateways, but you cannot use an existing save file with them. Uplink creates data on what exists in the world at the start of an account, so you must start a new account every time you install a new LAN. You have been warned. Any existing save files you use will become corrupted and will not work. Anyway, what you'll need is a folder named "lans" inside of the folder "data" inside of "Data" inside of your Uplink folder. Got all that? Basically this is the same as the "gateways" folder you have to have for gateways, except it's called "lans" for LANs. Now, when you create a new account with Uplink Corp, you'll be able to hack the new LAN. There is usually information on how to find it from a read-me file included with whatever else you downloaded. Enjoy!

For Graphics:
This is similar to how you you install gateways with custom graphics. You need a folder named "graphics" inside of your "Data" folder, which is inside of your Uplink folder. Just stick in the files and you should be all set. Enjoy!

For Anything Else:
There are other types of mods out there, and they do many different things. It is hard to say what you may need to do, or even if they work. However, just use the same mac hierarchy as the gateways/LANs/graphics use, and it should work. If not, you may have to try several other things, or come here and there may be some people that have the experience to help you out. Enjoy!

I had some problems with the gateway installation. It's one I downloaded (url="http://"")here(/url). This is what I get when I go to buy it...any ideas?
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By the way, any cool add-ons you find for Uplink, you may want to upload to the Uplink add-ons page, so others can easily enjoy 'em too:

It looks like the person didn't do their chords right. Not having the information in the right space and leaving in "Name, cost, ect" will cause things to get messed up. But then again I've been told all the mods should be compatible with the Mac, but that might not be the case after all. Try downloading another gateway and see what happens.


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I've tried three from three different people and get the same results as above....oh well. Guess I'll have to settle for a trinity.


First of all I'd like to thank mrxak for putting together the how-to-port manual.. I sure woudn't have had a clue ! BTW I also like the Haikus, not going to write any myself (don't want to torture all the other posters 🙂 )
Now of course, to the question/remark..

I found skins, gateways and graphs but no LANs online. I went through most links on the introversion website and they're all outdated/offline.

Where did you find some custom LANs??




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The URL is: (url="http://"")

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Try one of my A.W.O.L. gateways and let me know if it works for you then. (url="http://"")


The site for LANs is (url="http://"") 🙂

(url="http://"")The Uplink Directory(/url)

The AWOL installed well. I was able to buy it and install all the cpus and memory upgrades. I did a mission and then quit. After trying to get back in, it quits the game after logging on. thanksfully I had a backup of my char saved before the gateway update so I went back to that.

So it works, but use with caution.


Large custom gateways are pretty unstable, especially when you have a lot of CPUs. 🙂

(url="http://"")The Uplink Directory(/url)

Well, not noticing a major difference in speed between 8 cpu's and 35 cpu's....I think I'll stick with the trinity for now. The AWOL gateway I tried did have more memory too....but I can live without it for now.

Overall, I'm really diggin the new skins I got installed. And I might even temp the fates and replace the pictures in the databases with the Futurama chars picts.

Thanks for the original post! It's great to customize the game.


I downloaded some gateways (and even made one of my own) but have noticed that the prices all get changed in the game. I comparerd the prices listed in the data files with the prices listed in the Uplink store (in game) and found they were always 12,413 credits cheaper in the game. This lets me buy a "Temptress" (a lovely red 2 CPU gateway) for only 2,446 credits (instead of the MSRP of 14,859)??? Same thing happens with the "Gateway X" and the "AWOL 5150"... 12,413 credits cheaper. Is Uplink having a sale during the month of April, 2010? Are there coupons hidden in the game?

Running registered Ambrosia game on a G4 550 w/Radion 7000.

Any ideas?

Also the added gateways are always at the bottom of the list. Is there a way to sort them by price?

The value of your current gateway is discounted from the price of the gateway in the game. So the prices will generally be less than the listed price in the game files. Although sometimes they can be substantially more. 🙂

(url="http://"")The Uplink Directory(/url)

That makes sense, but then there are some downloadable gateway mods that are far under-priced compared to stock models with similar features. Has anyone come up with a standardized method for setting the price of a gateway mod? Or are people just setting low prices to make things easier for them? I can't find any mention of calculating a fair price in the "how to" mod guides (only looked at two different ones so far).

There is no standard. It is basically whatever price you want. Although most of the AWOL gateways have pretty fair prices (the top end Overkill model is something like 10 million credits). Some people even use negative numbers (a bit of a cheat, but its there game). 🙂

(url="http://"")The Uplink Directory(/url)

Yeah, a lot of gateways out there are very underpriced. Some try to keep the balance roughly with the stock gateways, but others do not.

I've tried to add 3 new gateways. They appeared in the list, but, 2 of them appeared blank (no names but there was still the space for it), and also I had problems with the x86 (appears Name, ... etc. In all these three, Uplink crashed as soon as I clicked them... why>?


Where do I put file with new companies?

(edit)All the gateways i've installed (12) don't show price and name, just default "name," "price," "bandwidth," etc...

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The makers of the gateways did everthing they were supposed to, but on a Windows computer. In order to fix the gateways you download:

1. Open up the gateway with SimpleText.

2. Delete all of those nasty rectangle boxes.

3. Change the font to Andale Mono

Voila! You now have a working gateway!

The Gateways don't work!
I mean I edit the gateway data file(remove the square boxes and change the font to Andale Mono) but when I go to buy it, it just shows the Name, Price etc(The words not the values that should be there). I'm using X 10.2.5 if that make a diffence.


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