why is uplink so expensive when it is a fairly old game?? any talk of lowering the price? i like the game but $25?!?!?!?!? id pay $10 for it!!

We have brought this up in meetings before, the final decision on price is from the Boss-man himself.

I'm hoping that the older products will see something like this happen sooner rather than later.

Fingers crossed.

Thanks for writing.

I've been asking the same thing for quite a while (by email and once through the forums) and nothing.
Another question is why aren't they offered through Steam with the rest of the products.
That was fun. The people at Ambrosia said that Introversion had to decide, and the people at Introversion said it was up to Ambrosia.

Personally, I find Ambrosia'a pricing totally disappointing and odd. Are people actually paying 30 dollars for games that came out 2001, 2002? In Introversions case, they have game bundle that includes Uplink, Darwinia, DEFCON and Multiwinia for 30 dollars for the PC.

I bought the Insurrection bundle when it came out sometime around Christmas of last year. (Or was it the year before that?) I managed to get Defcon, Uplink and Darwinia for $30.

Just keep your eyes open, sometimes Ambrosia comes out with deals/temporary price drops/bundles that come out to far less than the full price for the software.

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